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To provide no cost services designed to promote and facilitate loving interaction between humans and companion animals.

To become involved contact Kimberly at

404-409-3544 -

RIP 2008-2021


During a busy lunch hour in Atlanta six week old Fiona was scooped up by a sweet soul who loves dogs. Somehow my husband and I were given the light, love, laughter and pure sweetness of Fiona. 

When my husband’s health began to fail and he began to spend more and more time in rehab hospitals and finally in a long term nursing home, Fiona had been visiting Daddy for years.

She became a registered Emotional Service Dog. Every time she danced down the halls at the nursing homes the residents wanted time with her. When I realized how much these visits meant to the residents Project Fiona was born!

We honor Fiona even though she is no longer here with us by service projects such as Free Dog Washes and visits to people who need the love of a furry friend.

Share your dog’s light and love by volunteering with Project Fiona. 

Contact Project Fiona 404-409-3544

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